​As two of Canada's top mortgage brokers, Michelle and Susan guarantee the lowest mortgage rates to their clients. Because we shop mortgage rates and terms on a daily basis, we can guide you in the right direction when it comes to financing your home or investment property.

It's not just the rate you should worry about either. Many mortgages have hidden clauses and terms which may trap you into a much higher rate in the future, or worse! 

For example, on a variable rate mortgage, can you lock in at a future date and if so, at what rate? Our lenders will lock you in at a broker or discounted rate, not a posted rate. This can save you tens of thousands of dollars when rates start to rise again. 
Best Mortgage Rates
6 March 2017

   1 Year Closed      2.34%
   2 Year Closed      2.14%
   3 Year Closed      2.34%
   4 Year Closed      2.59%
   5 Year Closed      2.59%
   7 Year Closed      3.09%
 10 Year Closed      3.65%

Variable Rate Mortgage - changes daily, please inquire

    *Rates subject to change without notice
and are subject to credit and property approval.
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